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Divorces in Phoenix

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Many people facing the possibility and even the reality of divorce often wonder what they can expect during thePhoenix Arizona Divorce attorney divorce process. In Phoenix, there are several aspects of divorce that are like any other area. There are a few key issues that should be at the forefront of your consideration, and often when you and your ex-reach an agreement in these areas, the rest of the divorce falls into place.

Property Division in Phoenix Arizona

While some couples do agree to how property should be divided in a divorce, not all do, especially in cases of high net worth divorces. Arizona considers property carefully in a divorce and will make a determination of what property is considered marital and what property is considered to only one spouse, such as an inheritance from a deceased family member. Marital property will be divided equitably, but this does not necessarily mean equally.

Child Custody In Phoenix Arizona

Child custody is often one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce case. Parents offer differ in their ideas of what is best for the children, and in cases where parents cannot come to a consensus about who the children should live with and what visitation schedules should look like, the court will intervene and make decisions on behalf of the child.

Courts always consider what is likely to be in the best interest of the child, and will typically not make decisions that disrupt a child’s normal daily life. When a child is of age, the court may consider their wishes as to which parent they want to live with.

Alimony In Phoenix Arizona

Like child custody, alimony is often something few divorcing couples come to an agreement on right away. Payors may be afraid of being ordered to pay too much alimony, while recipients may be afraid of not being awarded enough alimony so they can start a new life after the divorce.

Arizona courts carefully weigh a variety of factors in alimony cases, and alimony is typically only awarded when there is a true need for it. The payor’s income is always considered and the amount of each monthly payment generally reflects what a payor is able to afford.

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