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Divorce Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Posted on : June 4, 2017
divorce mistakes could cost you without a lawyer

The dissolution of your marriage is never easy, but it’s important to be aware of your responsibilities throughout the case as well as the best way to protect yourself. There are some divorce mistakes that you simply cannot afford to make early on in the process and over the duration of the process. The right divorce lawyer is often a crucial component for helping you identify a strategy to assist you over the course of your divorce, so hiring one at the outset helps decrease your chances of serious divorce mistakes.

Waiting too long to file is one of the most common divorce mistakes. If you’ve made an effort to fix things with no resolution, there’s no real benefit to waiting. It could allow your spouse to consult with a divorce lawyer first and leave you scrambling after being served with papers. Talking to a divorce attorney now does not obligate you to file, but it will give you a clear perspective over what to expect so that you can protect yourself going forward. If you think divorce is in your best interests, you need to prepare yourself for what to expect legally.

Moving out of the marital home right away may seem tempting in order to get some physical space from conflict or the emotional turmoil of your relationship. However, moving out could indicate to the courts that you don’t have an interest in the marital home, thus making it easier for your spouse to obtain this in a settlement. Before moving out of the marital home, make sure you talk to your attorney about the best way to handle this situation. As with most things in a divorce, rash decisions can come back to haunt you later on.

The final big mistake you can make in a divorce is thinking you can handle it on your own or that you should hire the first attorney or the least expensive attorney you talk to. A divorce is an extremely personal issue and one that will impact your family’s future significantly. You can’t afford to leave this outcome up to chance, so make sure you hire a lawyer who has a deep understanding of your state’s laws.


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