New Study Says Keeping a Journal During and After Your Divorce Can Be Good for Your Heart Health

Posted on : May 14, 2017
journaling for divorce and finding the right divorce attorney can help you
Have you recently decided to file for divorce? If so, it’s important to take all the steps you can to protect your overall health. Divorce can take a physical, financial, and emotional toll, but knowing what to expect and participating in activities that help you control the stress can go a long way towards your ..... Read More
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Does It Really Matter Who Files for Divorce First?

Posted on : May 1, 2017
Fathers Attorney
Regardless of the state that you live in, if your marriage has come to an end, you may want to know whether or not it makes a difference which party files for divorce first. Although you may believe that there is no advantage to filing for divorce first, there are some factors that can influence ..... Read More
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