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Austin Texas Divorce for Men

What Men Facing Divorce In Austin Texas Need To Know

Divorce for men presents a number of unique challenges. There are multiple facets of a divorce, many of which canMen getting divorced in Austin, TX significantly and disproportionately affect men. If you’re considering getting a divorce, or are already undergoing the process of dissolving your marriage, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Child Custody For Fathers In Austin Texas

Although great strides have been taken to give both parents in a divorce equal time with children, there are still a shocking number of cases where custody is granted to the mother despite the father’s acceptable and in some cases greater fitness for child care. Men who share children with their ex should be especially careful with how custody matters are handled and should work with an Austin, Texas divorce attorney who is familiar with presenting compelling child custody cases on behalf of fathers.

Austin Texas Alimony Information

Alimony is another situation where despite attempts to equalize the playing field between men and women, there is still a greater number of men paying alimony than there are women. Men who were the greater earners in their households stand a significant chance of being ordered to make alimony payments both during a divorce and once the divorce is finalized. This is particularly true in cases where women stepped away from education or work in an effort to care for the home and family.

Focus on What is Best for Your Children — and for You

As you move through the process of divorce, it’s important to focus on what situations would be the most beneficial for your children. Would your children be better served by your stable home and income? If so, don’t be afraid to go head-to-head with your ex on custody matters. Did your ex-wife earn more money than you during the marriage and does your future rely temporary alimony while you get back on your feet? The law also supports alimony payments for men whose wives were the higher earners during the marriage. Be steadfast and forthcoming as you go through the different stages of divorce and don’t let old stereotypes cheat you out of what is best for your children or what is rightfully yours.

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