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Divorce Does Not Have to be a War

But when you need strong representation these divorce lawyers are ready to fight for your best interests

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Divorce Help From An Experienced Lawyer Has Advantages

Hiring a lawyer to assist you in a divorce can have numerous advantages. You may be able to work out some key issues of the termination of the marriage without an attorney but there are certain situations in which a divorce attorney can better fight for your rights.

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Two Forms Of Divorce | I got served with divorce papers

Have you been served with divorce papers? One of the most important things to realize as you contemplate filing for divorce is the distinction between contested & uncontested divorce.

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I Want A Divorce | Divorce Laws Vary By State

Each state has specific guidelines that are factored in in the termination of a marriage and if you are looking for divorce help or information, there are a few items to consider.. Understanding how these individual laws can influence the future of your case, as well as your life, is important which is why it’s recommended to consult with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as you decide to file.

Residency Requirements

You may file for divorce only in states in which you are a current resident. The majority of states across the country will require that you have a certain period of residency established before you can file for divorce in that location. In most situations, this will be six months but it can be as long as a year. If you know that your spouse is already intending to initiate divorce proceedings in a separate state, you may wish to file first in your state to minimize the expenses of having to travel for divorce proceedings.

Custody And Support Child Support Lawyer

Any related agreements associated with child custody, spousal support or child support have to be made in the state in which the divorce was granted. Getting divorce help in a state you are not a resident of is not a good option. Although every state will recognize the divorce that was previously granted in another state, they will not be required to do so if the original state did not have proper jurisdiction over the couple.

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Be Prepared

In the event that you choose to file for divorce, having all of the relevant information including an inventory of your assets and debts can be beneficial. Find out what you need to know and more about filing.

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